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San Jacinto


It is a safe beach, with humble and hardworking people, it is an ideal place to be in contact with nature, with good and friendly people. Dedicated to the art of fishing. It is an attraction for locals and strangers due to the extensive and safe white sand beaches, an incredible panorama  of birds in search of food an exclusive contact between man and the sea.

It is a unique place in America with more hours of sunshine than Ecuador, especially  warm dry environment excellent for health, remnants of tropical thorny forest ideal for walks and to interpret the thorny vegetation that characterizes the place.
The adventure to visit this place begins on the seashore a few steps from Punta Bikini beach to the Mangrove La Boca from where you will begin to walk a path, the most common is to find xerophytic vegetation among them palo santo, muyuyos, cactus, ceibos and wood. such as carob, guayacán, moral among others.

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